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Proline model by adding machines designed our PLC and pneumatic systems Proline 350 EX taxi, minibus and midi-type vehicles such as buses alongside the public and is a machine can wash.

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  • Machines, stainless steel, aluminum, corrosion durable like Policarbon materials were produced.
  • After the machine body electrostatic powder coated galvanized fosfatla paint is applied is a bakery.
  • Computer operating system of the machine control (PLC) is provided with.
  • Gearbox, selenoid valves, electric-electronic equipment vital parts, such as Europe's first-class companies are provided.
  • Our machines will be used to adjust the amount of chemical dosing pump spray system has a shampoo.
  • Allowing movement of the machine into the brush gear box groups in the soft stir quickly to prevent wear - soft stop (STOP SOFT-SOFT START) system is available.
  • Executive body of the machine allows walking movement of the wheels and rails, which prevent rapid wear and speed control device that can change the walking speed (FREQUENCY INVERTER) system is available.
  • Cold air in winter to prevent freezing of water in the discharge pipe system.
  • Vertical brush group is shifted to working with the type of drive system.
  • The horizontal brush landing - sally "electric motor and chain" and has been made.
  • The pressure on the three horizontal brush from where the vehicle is controlled.
       a- Mechanics; weight balance system
       b- Electricity; cannot swich system
       c- Electronic; power control system
  • This control of the horizontal brush tool pressure can be secured with three different systems, have minimized their errors.
  • Machinery and water shield on the wear of aluminum, can be manufactured from transparent polixglass materials, electro-static dust, and optional colors can be painted.
  • Automatic washing machine to wash the car in a secure way of providing direction to enter the pipes are available.
  • And operator control panel for direct control of equipment is standard.
  • Blocker against excessive wind machines in the system is overthrown.
  • Products are certified TSEK (Turkish Standards Institution).

Max Machine Widthcm446
Max Machine Heightcm435
Max Washing Heightcm350
Max Washing Weightcm240
Rail Gaugecm3.34
Rail Lenghtmt15
Power Installedkw3.36
Washing Time / Vehiclemin / vehicle2.5 - 4.0
Air Pressurebar6
Water Pressurebar3-5
Air Requirementlt / vehicle100
Water Requirementlt / vehicle80 - 135
Electric Requirementkw / vehicle0.14 - 0.22
Shampoo Requirementgr / vehicle10 - 20
Brushes (Horizontal / Vertical)unit1+2
Capacity (Vehicles / Hr)vehicle / hr15 - 24

*** Not: Specification changing rigths are reserved...